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Man against machine: is your career automation-proof?

man-vs-machineImage of man at ATM from Shutterstock.

As larger shares of our work processes and workforce are being handled by machines, writer Dayton English gives an examination of the consequences and impact of the systems that were once deployed to make our lives easier are now replacing us, and provides strategies to ensure a robot doesn’t steal your job.

Every day the boundaries of possibility with technology are pushed to new horizons. Advances offer exciting innovations – it’s truly a wonderful time to be alive!

You can summon a driverless car from your smart phone. After a day out you’re free to go home and immerse yourself in a world of virtual reality, and stretch out Continue reading

Creative Cultures: The sweetness of working for Purdys


In our Creative Cultures series, correspondent Crystal Henrickson spends a day inside companies to learn how hiring, onboarding, and company culture play a role in employee happiness. From startups to design firms and all in-between, we’re pulling back the curtain on what it’s like to work in inventive and productive environments. Today she’s with the sweet people of Purdys.

British Columbians, think back to some of your favourite holiday memories… chances are Purdys plays a part. Purdys is an institution in BC. From its origins as a single chocolate shop on Robson Street in Vancouver in 1907. 110 years later, Purdys has retail stores across BC, Alberta, Ontario (and soon Saskatchewan!) and boasts numerous awards — including Best Employer, Best Managed and Canada’s Best Workplace Culture. Continue reading

How to tell you’re about to get fired

freshgigs-blog-about-to-be-firedImage of employee getting fired by boss from Shutterstock.

At this point in my working life, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t lost their job – either through layoffs, outsourcing, or being fired. I myself lost a job as part of company-wide layoffs.

Losing your job sucks, there’s no way to sugar coat that. I’ve worked at several companies since my layoff experience and they’ve all gone through job cuts of one variety or another.  So while losing your job isn’t completely preventable, there are some warning signs you can look out for to better prepare yourself. Continue reading

Bad romance: when co-workers copulate

office-romanceImage of co-workers kissing from Shutterstock.

Your eyes meet over the photocopier, otherwise, early morning dull rides in the elevator morph into an exercise in stomach churning anxiety. “Coffee?” becomes code for “quickie?” in all its flirty, eyelash-fluttering intensity.

Office romances: the last surviving relic of the Madmen era workplace, and a very, very bad idea.

Yet, they are still incredibly popular, Bridget Jones had her Daniel Cleaver, Jim from The Office had Pam and of course – and perhaps most infamously of all, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Continue reading

We’ve done away with the brainstorming, so now let’s talk strategy

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Trying to lead an initiative, but getting nowhere fast? Maybe your strategy needs an overhaul. Writer Emma Bullen has tips on how to create a strategic plan that will knock your boss’s socks off.

Chinese General and author of the Art of War, Sun Tzu once said, “All the men can see the tactics I use to conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which great victory is evolved.”

In the office, as on the battlefield, a brilliant strategy can often lead to a great victory. The critical element is making sure your strategic plan is as bright as day to your work colleagues so they can help you implement and execute on it. Continue reading

You’re lucky to have a mentor: 10 tips to keep in mind

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Whether it’s finding a mentor willing to take you on, or finding one who fits your needs, consider yourself lucky if it all works out. So, if you’ve got one, and you’d like to keep him or her, for the love of God, don’t piss them off. Writer Fiona Tapp is gonna tell you how to keep your nose clean.

When I started teaching, I was mentored by an amazingly creative and experienced educator, he taught me so much and made me cry a few times, but I will be forever grateful for his tutelage. Over the course of my career, I have been on the other side of the equation and have personally mentored 10 trainee teachers. Continue reading

Moving up isn’t the only way to advance your career

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Want success in your career? It used to be that you could just stick with the same company and advance through the ranks with experience and age. These days, employees have to forge their own career paths by seeking out opportunities that showcase their skills and net them experience. Writer Corrie Alexander explains.

Over the course of seven years, I managed to work my way up from an entry level position to a leadership role within the same company. Although I really liked my job and colleagues, I began to feel like there was no more room to grow.

Not to mention, the 60-75 minute commute each way was a killer. Continue reading

Do this now to turn your internship into a full-time gig

from-coffee-getter-toImage of female intern from Shutterstock.

Internships are an interesting sort of professional crossroad. Part indentured servitude, part atypical job interview, they can be a revealing and character-building way to get to know an industry, meet the players and generally get your hands dirty with some real experience. Writer Colin Gibson shares his story.

Internships can be frustrating dead-ends, wrought with the most trivial of labours and the most distasteful tasks. But if you take some time and strategize when you enter an internship, you may find yourself upstairs meeting with some elite managerial power who can offer you a new job on the spot.

Want to make that happen? Continue reading

Five simple steps to falling in love…with your job

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Are you feeling stuck in a position that isn’t right for you? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? Dreaming of a career change, but have no idea where to start? Writer Blaire Appotive is here to help you find work you love.

You’re having another one of those days where you are counting down the clock until 5 pm, and wondering how to get yourself out of this job. You may be feeling stuck and that there are no other options, but there are! It can be a lot of work to switch careers, but there is a way out. It’s worth taking the risk because your happiness should be your number one priority. Continue reading

Pro bono work? Are you f%#%king kidding me?

pro-bono-work-yes-or-noImage of office worker from Shutterstock.

As if it weren’t hard enough out there for job hunters, writer Melissa Ligertwood is here today talking about the benefits (really?) of working pro bono. But before you click on something slightly less crazy, hear her out, wouldja?

A lot of freelancers will tell you never to work for free. Generally, that’s true. As creatives, we have a hard enough time justifying our existence without undercutting our own services. It’s important to value your work.

Unfortunately, it’s not always so black and white. There are situations that call for an open mind. When paired with the right people and the right outcomes, it’s reasonable to consider accepting little or no pay. Continue reading