Conversion Copywriter - Ontario, Ottawa | Spiralyze | | 11/07/22

Conversion Copywriter full-time

Location: Ontario, Ottawa
Company Name: Spiralyze ()
Category: Copywriting / Writing, Marketing , Social Media
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We are looking for a Conversion Copywriter to join our team here at Spiralyze! Spiralyze is a leading U.S. based A/B testing agency.

As a CRO Strategist for Spiralyze, you will be responsible for copywriting and wireframing A/B tests.  The Strategist takes output from our research team, works with the Project Manager & clients to develop testing hypotheses and then translates those hypotheses into copy and wireframes.  The CRO strategist then works with our design team to turn those wireframes into mockups, ready for a client to review.

Skills of an ideal Conversion Strategist are:

  • Experience in copywriting and wireframing

  • Ability to translate technical jargon and marketing blather into simple prose that your mother could understand.

  • Focus on the needs of the web visitor.  Develop an understanding of what they want, and craft pages that persuade the visitor to do what you want by showing them how it meets their needs.

  • Strict attention to detail in copy and design.  It bothered you that the first bullet in this set was inconsistent and didn’t have a period.

  • Verbal and written communication skills.  You can persuade clients to expand their comfort zone but are also empathetic and pragmatic in deciding where you should push back.

To apply show me an example of a page you have redesigned that makes you proud.  It doesn’t matter if it was never actually run as a test, or it wasn’t a real client.  Ideally it would be a situation where you translated a bunch of technical and marketing double speak into plain language.


Required Language: English

Experience: Minimum 2+ Years Experience Required + Past Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

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