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Redundancy: A Survivor’s Guide with Michaela Alexis


Even when you can see it coming, the shock of redundancy can feel lonely and overwhelming. Smart hikers know that you should never ask advice about climbing mountains from someone who has never climbed a hill. With this in mind, we spoke to writer and content strategist, Michaela Alexis who has not only climbed the mountain, but conquered it.

Frame it as an Opportunity

Michaela was laid off from her job in 2016 and describes it as a distinctly surreal experience. It wasn’t until she shifted her mindset that she was able to reframe and ultimately change her situation.

“I felt like my emotions were all colliding in my mind. I felt embarrassed and distressed by feelings of failure,” she says, “But, I was relieved to be dismissed from a company culture that I didn’t align with, and weirdest of all, I felt liberated. Once it happened, and I realized that I was still standing, it completely shifted my perspective. I started looking for the career that I deserved, instead of just a steady pay check. I almost wish that I was laid off earlier on in my career so that I wasn’t paralyzed by the fear of it!” Continue reading

Don’t Fool Yourself with Evan Carmichael


What’s dangerous about not being passionate? A few words from entrepreneur Evan Carmichael on the problems of getting caught up in a financial opportunity that you don’t really care about.

I think far more dangerous than being passionate too early is not being passionate at all. I see it over and over and over again, and when I think about “don’t fool yourself,” this is what comes immediately to mind for me. Because they say the devil always comes carrying a bag of cash, and you make the wrong decision because you see a pile of money on the table that you think is yours and so you go for it only to find out that you’re never gonna get that money.

I see it all the time where people say, “Join my network marketing company.” You know, you can make tons of cash. It’s easy money, no problem. You know, within three months you’ll be up and running and the money will just keep pouring in. Now there’s nothing wrong with network marketing. It just isn’t the best fit for everybody. Continue reading

How to Create an Online Presence (And Stay Present) with Meredith J. Powell

Meredith J Powell

Simon Sinek tells us we’re addicted to our phones and it’s ruining our relationships. So how can we create a strong online presence, without spending every passing hour maintaining our social media feeds? Is it even possible to create and maintain a healthy online/offline balance? We asked Vancouverite, serial entrepreneur, and strategic advisor Meredith J. Powell for her advice.

In his book, Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek talks about how we’re all becoming dopamine addicts — getting that rush of endorphins every time we get a new email or a text message. When you’re building an online brand, that chemical imbalance can start creating problems in our personal life. But it is possible to build a brand without it taking over our live.

Be Authentic

Creating and maintaining a strong online presence takes energy. Being authentic is key to maintaining balance. It’s important that your brand is intuitive and natural to any company, founder or individual. A great example is fellow Vancouverite Sunny Lenarduzzi. You meet Sunny, and she truly radiates positivity, embodying her online presence and messaging. Continue reading

7 Secrets for Getting that Hot New Job in 2017


Image of people focused on their goals from Shutterstock.

Ah, 2016… or 20-suck-steen as it’s been called in our house a few times. Can’t wait to see the back of it? Us too. Many people are starting the New Year with the goal of finding a new job. If you are, you’ve come to the right place. Make it your best year yet, with 7 secrets from FreshGigs that will help you land a new job, and plan for future career happiness, to create a kick-ass 2017.

Clarify what you want from life

Feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but not getting what you want? Or are you focused on material things, but still feeling empty? Getting caught up on the wrong details can lead you away from what’s meaningful in life. So, before you go chasing the next big opportunity, take time to set the right goals and you’ll create a bigger impact. Continue reading

Happy Holidays from FreshGigs!


It’s that time of year, and we’re wrapping up a busy and productive 2016 here at FreshGigs.ca

We want to take a moment to show appreciation, say thank you, and send warm wishes to all of you in the community or as we refer to you all internally — “the FG Familia”.

This is a special time of year — a chance to take some time for yourself to review, plan, reflect, and spend time with loved ones.

Give yourself permission to just slow down a bit and do the things that make you feel great and fully recharged.

We are truly grateful for all of you and will continue to work very hard in 2017 to make FreshGigs.ca the best place in Canada to find marketing and creative jobs and for employers to find that very special talent.

Here’s to a happy new year, holiday season, and a great 2017!
Michael, Sam, Vincent, Emma, and the whole team at FreshGigs.ca

Be Proud of Your Work

Be Proud of Your Work

Do you feel like a failure when you don’t get the feedback or success you’re looking for? A few words from entrepreneur Evan Carmichael on how getting caught up in the numbers game can distract you from what matters—personal growth.

I think there’s a real danger in judging the success of your work only by the results that it gets you.

We’ve talked a lot about this on the channel, that it’s not just about the outcome, it’s not just about the goal, it’s about the process. That how you get there is way more important than the fact that you got there. And I think, again, a lot of people think that because they put a lot of work into something, but it doesn’t get that success that they’re looking for, that it was a failure. Continue reading

We’ve done away with the brainstorming, so now let’s talk strategy

creating-a-killer-strategyImage of businessman working on laptop from Shutterstock.

Trying to lead an initiative, but getting nowhere fast? Maybe your strategy needs an overhaul. Writer Emma Bullen has tips on how to create a strategic plan that will knock your boss’s socks off.

Chinese General and author of the Art of War, Sun Tzu once said, “All the men can see the tactics I use to conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which great victory is evolved.”

In the office, as on the battlefield, a brilliant strategy can often lead to a great victory. The critical element is making sure your strategic plan is as bright as day to your work colleagues so they can help you implement and execute on it. Continue reading

Brainstorming is stupid and you should stop doing it

Brainstorming-Waste-Of-TimeImage of people brainstorming from Shutterstock.

Research shows that brainstorming with a group of people is not the best way to come up with ideas. So why are we still doing it and how can we come up with stronger ideas, and still look like team players? Writer Emma Bullen has some suggestions.

Da Vinci didn’t do it, Shakespeare didn’t do it, Darwin didn’t do it. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell you that Elon Musk probably doesn’t do it either.

I am (of course) talking about brainstorming — the art of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion with your colleagues. Controversial this one. I’m sure a lot of you are reading this thinking, “what does she know, I brainstorm with my team all the time and we come up with GREAT ideas.” Continue reading

Exhausted? 7 Pick Me Ups That Are Better than Coffee

Pick-Me-Up-Better-Than-CoffeeImage of white desk with notebook from Shutterstock.

Can we all agree that there are days when coffee doesn’t cut it? Don’t worry — we’re not going to tell you to and give it up, or meditate, or even exercise! Writer Emma Bullen has seven things you can do to give yourself a boost when you’ve hit a brick wall.

Look, it’s not that I don’t like meditation, deep breathing, and going for long walks in the country. I actually like all of those things. But seriously, if one more person tells me I need to do some visualization to boost my energy levels, I’m going to throw my natural deodorant at them. Continue reading

Want more success at work? Make friends 

make-friends-at-workImage of friends working and sharing ideas from Shutterstock.

Experts say making friends at work not only increases work satisfaction, but it also increases your chance of success. It’s time to stop trying to keep our work life and our personal life separate and learn to embrace office friendships. Writer Emma Bullen shares the benefits of having a workplace buddy system. 

When I first started managing a team, I had so much work to do that I made little time for my work friends. The more I skipped lunch to work harder at my role and the later hours I worked, I noticed something interesting start to happen. I began to feel lonely, demotivated, and crazy stressed. It didn’t help that I sat in an office by myself.

Gallup sites that having friends at work increases employee satisfaction and productivity. That’s good for business, but it’s also great for the success of your career. Continue reading