Important Factors When Applying for a Job in Canada |

Most Important Factors When Applying for a Job

Here’s another chart from the survey of marketing, communications and creative professionals in Canada.

This chart answers the question: “What is the most important factor to you when deciding to apply for a job?”

We then asked that same question again, this time, adding “…the second most important factor…”

The results show that Type of Work is the clear winner. 42% of people said it was their most important factor in deciding when to apply for a job.

Next let’s look at Culture which was the second most popular choice for the first question with 21% and 18% of people said it was their number two most important factor.

While only 16% of people said that Salary was their most important factor, on the second question that shot up to 34%. This puts Salary in 2nd place overall after Type of work, with Culture coming in 3rd overall.

Rounding out the remaining responses was Location, Flexible Schedule, Potential Promotion and finally Benefits.

We also have a post that shows the percentage of professionals using that currently have a job or don’t have a job.

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