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Moving up isn’t the only way to advance your career

dont-move-up-the-ladderImage of young man crossing the street from Shutterstock.

Want success in your career? It used to be that you could just stick with the same company and advance through the ranks with experience and age. These days, employees have to forge their own career paths by seeking out opportunities that showcase their skills and net them experience. Writer Corrie Alexander explains.

Over the course of seven years, I managed to work my way up from an entry level position to a leadership role within the same company. Although I really liked my job and colleagues, I began to feel like there was no more room to grow.

Not to mention, the 60-75 minute commute each way was a killer. Continue reading

Do this now to turn your internship into a full-time gig

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Internships are an interesting sort of professional crossroad. Part indentured servitude, part atypical job interview, they can be a revealing and character-building way to get to know an industry, meet the players and generally get your hands dirty with some real experience. Writer Colin Gibson shares his story.

Internships can be frustrating dead-ends, wrought with the most trivial of labours and the most distasteful tasks. But if you take some time and strategize when you enter an internship, you may find yourself upstairs meeting with some elite managerial power who can offer you a new job on the spot.

Want to make that happen? Continue reading

Five simple steps to falling in love…with your job

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Are you feeling stuck in a position that isn’t right for you? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? Dreaming of a career change, but have no idea where to start? Writer Blaire Appotive is here to help you find work you love.

You’re having another one of those days where you are counting down the clock until 5 pm, and wondering how to get yourself out of this job. You may be feeling stuck and that there are no other options, but there are! It can be a lot of work to switch careers, but there is a way out. It’s worth taking the risk because your happiness should be your number one priority. Continue reading

Pro bono work? Are you f%#%king kidding me?

pro-bono-work-yes-or-noImage of office worker from Shutterstock.

As if it weren’t hard enough out there for job hunters, writer Melissa Ligertwood is here today talking about the benefits (really?) of working pro bono. But before you click on something slightly less crazy, hear her out, wouldja?

A lot of freelancers will tell you never to work for free. Generally, that’s true. As creatives, we have a hard enough time justifying our existence without undercutting our own services. It’s important to value your work.

Unfortunately, it’s not always so black and white. There are situations that call for an open mind. When paired with the right people and the right outcomes, it’s reasonable to consider accepting little or no pay. Continue reading

No qualifications? No problem. You’re hired!

dream-job-zero-experience Photo of man on laptop from Shutterstock.

It’s no BS. You can find your dream job by using these six tactics – even if you’ve got ZERO experience. Corrie Alexander explains.

There suddenly came a day when you realized exactly what you wanted to do from now until retirement. Unfortunately, you are working in a totally different line of work and have absolutely no experience in your desired field. You’ve got bills to pay and it feels like you’re going to be stuck in your dead-end job forever.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. you’re not alone. A recent survey indicates that nearly half of Canadians are unhappy in their current job. Continue reading

Sick of work? Maybe you need to detox

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Working a 9-to-5 job, five days a week, all year round can take a toll on anyone – even with vacation and sick days. Liking your job may help alleviate the strain of work, but not everyone can be so lucky. Writer Jennie Lovan has tips on how to keep your zen when work gets toxic.

It’s likely that if you love your job, you’re not reading this article. It’s more likely that you may love what you do, but hate the environment you are in. You’re luckier than most, and this article is maybe for you.

There are some very unlucky folks who don’t like their job, who are working in a toxic work environment, whose complaints aren’t being heard, or worse – who are unable to quit due to high risk circumstances. Continue reading

Escalating the issue: when is it necessary to involve HR?

Taking-Problems-To-HRImage of group of people sitting at a table from Shutterstock.

Whenever groups of people of different genders, ages and backgrounds are working together, the possibility of conflict exists. Whether you feel uncomfortable with a particular situation or you think you were wronged, it’s important to know how to handle the situation yourself, or when to escalate an issue to HR. Conny Manero has some tips.

Okay, here’s a good, common example: say you feel you have a heavy workload, or you’re feeling overwhelmed, there’s no need to involve HR right away; talk to your manager first, bearing in mind it may take multiple meetings to get your issue resolved.

Very few managers know the work of their subordinates, whether they consist of an assistant or a team of people. They understand their job, and they know how to delegate, but from there on it’s up to the person or team to keep their manager informed of the details. Continue reading

Social media madness: how to keep current without short-circuiting

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In a world where communication is instant, public, and permanent you need to be deliberate and strategic where you invest your time and develop your profile. Dayton English examines the titans, disruptors, and the niche social platforms and how to stay current on their use and benefit.

We’re at a point where technology offers numerous efficient (and addictive!) means of communication. As of 2014 we spent an average of nearly 2 hours per day on social media. It’s no wonder people are experiencing social media fatigue and some are even exiling themselves from social media all together.

The digital landscape is dotted with a social network for just about anything and anyone. From ultra-exclusive social networks that admit only certain users and cost $5,000 annually, to networks for people who love to knit (think Pinterest for knitting) there is a network for nearly anything. Continue reading

Seven ways a career coach can recharge your job hunt

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If you’re having trouble identifying your career goals, why not try speaking with someone who specializes in the industry you want to pursue? No, not a mentor – a career counsellor! S/he can advise you on potential jobs in your area of interest, and recommend you to employers where there is a right fit. Michelle Bogle explains.

Job loss is a real punch in the gut. It’s a feeling that I remember quite well when my career came to a grinding halt after my long-tenured position was eliminated. It was a tough time filled with a range of raw emotions – shock, disbelief, outward anger, inner self-criticism and fear. My self-confidence took a hit and my wheels were spinning when it came time to shift my job search into gear.

That’s when I decided to hire a career counsellor – and I’m so glad that I did! Continue reading

Breaking up with social media: signs that your current platform is not for you

Break-Up-Social-MediaImage of phone on a table from Shutterstock.

Even if you’re in love with the idea of your social media, it might not be in love with you. Writer Colin Gibson has a few tips on knowing when to cut your social ties.

In the age of social media, companies and organizations have gained new methods of relating to their customers/clients. And there are so many tools available every day that simply assessing which platform suits your relationships can make you crazy.

But not every platform is right for everybody/business; like any relationship, sometimes insurmountable challenges arise Continue reading