Five simple steps to falling in love...with your job |

Five simple steps to falling in love…with your job

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Are you feeling stuck in a position that isn’t right for you? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? Dreaming of a career change, but have no idea where to start? Writer Blaire Appotive is here to help you find work you love.

You’re having another one of those days where you are counting down the clock until 5 pm, and wondering how to get yourself out of this job. You may be feeling stuck and that there are no other options, but there are! It can be a lot of work to switch careers, but there is a way out. It’s worth taking the risk because your happiness should be your number one priority.

Figure out what you want to do

This seems obvious of course, but you can’t make a career move until you know what the move will be. This step requires a lot of research, talking to people in different industries and learning about your skills and passions. It may help to talk to someone who is an expert, and that is where a career counselor can come in handy.

Build the skills you need

Now that you figured out what direction you want to go in, you will likely need new skills in order to make that career move. Do research on what employers are looking for in the industry. This may require taking classes at night or online courses.


Once you’ve built up the skills that are necessary, it’s time to meet people and put your face out there! You’ll need to build new connections in order to be introduced to your next job.

It’s worth taking the risk because your happiness should be your number one priority.

Don’t ask for a job outright, this is just about meeting new people who could help you in the future. Informational coffees are a great way to accomplish this goal.

Job Hunting

You have connections and you have the skills, that’s great! Now it’s time to get that job. Utilize your connections to introduce you to potential opportunities that you desire.

Your new network can help you write a resume and cover letter that will appeal to employers.

Celebrate your success!

You’ve landed your dream job, congratulations! Be proud of yourself that you put in the hard work to make a move instead of feeling stuck in a career that was unfulfilling.

Have you ever switched careers? What steps did you take? We want to hear from you! Leave your comments below.