Canada's Top Marketing Agencies: 15+ Marketing Firms to Work for In 2020 |

Canada’s Top Marketing Agencies: 15+ Marketing Firms to Work for In 2020

Looking for marketing jobs in Canada? Check out this guide to find the best-established agencies and inventive newcomers across the country.

Want to work at one of Canada’s top marketing agencies?

Before you start updating your resume and cover letter for new opportunities, you should spend some time researching and getting to know the marketing firms in your job search area first.

After all, how will you know if your impressive online portfolio of marketing experience jives well with the vibes of your potential employer?

So use this resource to find the best marketing agency for your talents and work preferences and get ready to land your dream job in 2020.


Canada’s Top Marketing Agencies: 5 Established Firms with Clout

Working for a large marketing agency with hundreds of employees has its perks. Besides the job stability an experienced company brings, you’ll usually find entry-level positions and opportunities for advancement.

Recent grads and those with less experience may want to start here and learn from one of the most experienced marketing firms in Canada, including:

Havas Canada

Havas Canada splits its 100+ employee base between HQ in Montreal and its second office in Toronto. They’ve been in business for over 30 years, helping companies with their web design, advertising, branding, and consumer outreach. 

Notable clients include the Canadian Women’s Foundation, New Balance, Dior, and Volkswagen.

OKD Marketing

OKD Marketing has been around for almost 40 years in Burlington. Their employees provide strategies for marketing and advertising, web development, and social media marketing. They don’t recruit employees specializing in one category since they believe a wide range of thinkers keeps their offerings sharper.

Notable clients include Castello, Canadian Cancer Society, Integra Tire, UPS, Margaritaville, and HBC.


Cundari is Canada’s most globally awarded independent agency thanks to its employees’ creative strides in branding, digital marketing, content marketing, user experience, and user interface design. They’ve been headquartered in Toronto for nearly 40 years and show no signs of slowing down.

Notable clients include Canada Dry, Cineplex, Motts, oecm, and Yellow Tail wines.

Giants & Gentlemen

Employees of Toronto-based creative advertising gurus Giants & Gentlemen have been specializing in advertising, digital strategy, and marketing for retail and hospitality groups since 2012. Their typical campaigns run above the $100,000-mark, so your ideas won’t be hampered by small budgets.

Notable clients include Royal Bank of Canada, Days Inn, Park N’ Fly, and Fisherman’s Friend.

Let’s Get Optimized

This full-stack Canadian SEO agency handles 100% of all SEO management in-house with SEO Consultants in three provinces: Ontario, Québec, and Nova Scotia. They have over 20 years of experience and the organic results to show they’re the “best SEO company in Canada.”

Notable clients include Ikonek, Ethos Technologies, Holebeche Law, and Maison Du Beau.


Canada’s Top Marketing Firms for New, Inventive, and Creative Minds

Want to break out of your traditional marketing firm and go where your out-of-the-box ideas are encouraged?

These marketing agencies are blazing trails for what’s next in brand engagement:

Sid Lee

Sid Lee is based in Montreal and boasts over 900 artisans working from offices in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. You’ll work on standard digital marketing services like branding and social media strategies. But their in-house studios provide clients with marketing solutions that create experiences, such as events and exhibitions, to help customers better engage with brands in-person.

Notable clients include Honda, Spotify, Starbucks, The North Face, and KFC.

Art & Science

Art & Science was ranked among Profit 500’s fastest-growing companies in Canada. This creative marketing agency combines the inspiration of an artist with the analytic rigor of a scientist to produce campaigns, products, and brands that wow.

Notable clients include Samsonite, The Orpheum, Starbucks, Hermès, Intel, and Tedx Toronto. 

John St.

Parlez-vous Français? This Toronto-based advertising agency keeps Canadian employees, clients, and customers in mind as they offer original marketing in French, along with French adaptations of their original creations. Their primary mission: to make their clients’ brands unignorable. 

Notable clients include Scotties, Mitsubishi, the World Wildlife Federation, and Alcon.

Massive Media

Massive Media is a full-service digital agency based in Vancouver. Their small team specializes in artistic branding, digital marketing strategies, and web design “for those with ambition,” according to their website. 

Notable clients include CBC, Staples, Microsoft, and Black Tusk Helicopters.


Canada’s Best Marketing Agencies for Social Media Wizards and other Specific Marketing Skills

These marketing agencies specialize in niche markets and are always looking for candidates who fit their specific skill sets:


Eighty-Eight is a Toronto-based communications agency focused on growing startups, technology firms, and large brands. Their core services include PR and media relations, influencer and content marketing campaigns, and branding and design projects.

Notable clients include Lift & Co., Infiniti, Lyft, Sony Pictures Television, and Yellow Pages.

Jelly Digital Marketing & PR

Based out of Fort Langley, B.C., Jelly is a digital marketing firm providing clients with high-level strategies for SEO, PPC, social media marketing, conversion optimization, video production, content marketing, and media buying.

Notable clients include Big Splash Waterpark, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, Trading Post Brewing, Legacy Advantage, and Greater Vancouver Zoo.

Social Media 55

With headquarters in Montreal, the skilled marketers at Social Media 55 help businesses rank higher in Google SERPs and get their Facebook and Instagram pages verified for instant customer credibility, among other services.

Notable clients include Top Maui Hotels and JIVAGO Brands

Bob’s Your Uncle

Bob’s Your Uncle is an advertising agency for thoughtful food, beverage, and lifestyle brands. You’ll be a shoo-in with experience in this sector.

Notable clients include Popeyes, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Cadbury, Applebees, Quiznos, and Doritos.

Strano + Pettigrew Design Associates

If your marketing skills are strongest in packaging design, product branding, and corporate identity creation, this Toronto-based marketing agency may be the best fit for you. Strano + Pettigrew helps small and mid-sized businesses crush their competitors.

Notable clients include Air Canada, University of Toronto, Second Cup Coffee Co., and Aramark Canada.

Forge and Smith

Forge and Smith is a tight-knit team of designers, builders, and strategists out of New Westminster. They’ve been specializing in custom WordPress web development and design, and intelligent digital strategies, since 2012.

Notable clients include Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Agile Group, Olympics Canada, United Way, Knowledge Network, and Discovery Channel.

Arcane Marketing

Arcane is the original digital-first agency. They’re on a mission to change the reality of marketing spend from an expense line to a predictable income generator, helping brands realize a 5:1 ROI from their marketing dollars.

Notable clients include Lunapads, Cowbell Brewing Co., and Roots Canada.


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