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4 Mistakes People Make When Dressing for a Job Interview


When I was 11 I wore a white tuxedo and a red bow tie to a family event and felt like I could strike up a conversation with anyone, but wearing bold colours isn’t always the way to stand out. In fact, it’s one of the biggest mistakes people make when dressing for a job interview.

According to Michael Nguyen, owner of Garrison Bespoke, when dressing for a face-to-face job interview with a potential boss, there are four things you should avoid. Don’t fall prey to these common wardrobe mistakes:

1)  Dressing too boldly. Vibrant patterns and colours that reflect your personality can define your style and become your signature look (we recently made an incredible Gatsby-style pink dinner jacket for a client) but an interview is not the setting for it. Avoid distracting patterns and bright colours and stick with a charcoal grey or navy suit and a tie that’s easy on the eyes. You want the interviewer to be focused on what you’re saying, not what you’re wearing.

2)  Showing excessive cleavage. Yes, this applies to men as much as women. Button up!

3)  Wearing a monochromatic outfit. A dark shirt with a dark suit is too evening specific. You want to look crisp and professional, not like you’re dressed for a wedding reception. The contrast between a light-coloured shirt and a darker suit is a classic look and a good choice for an interview.


4)  Wearing jeans. Regardless of your industry, jeans are too casual for an interview. If you land the job and the office culture is to wear denim on Fridays, great. But let that be a conversation for after you’ve signed on the dotted line.

photo credit: Mike Paul