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YouTube to get your Dream Job

We’ve seen internet celebrities landing roles in TV shows and movies because of their videos on YouTube. But what about everyone else who isn’t looking job in the entertainment industry? Can they still use YouTube to get work in their field, or at least bag an interview? Absolutely!

Right off the bat, you can use YouTube to develop your online image and set yourself up as an expert in what you do. Would wine guru Gary Vaynerchuk and real estate training coach Tom Ferry become as successful as they are if they hadn’t branded themselves as gurus in their respective fields online? Definitely not. Make videos giving out advice and valuable content to show off what you know and build an audience (which could soon include potential employers).

Continue to add videos that highlight your best talents and skills that are relevant to the job you have in mind as the end goal. Find time to interact with your viewers too by encouraging them to comment on your videos and replying to them. If a lot of people appear to be interested in what you have to say, that looks good to a potential employer!

If you hate putting your face in front of the camera, then make a video showing your work with just your voice being included via voice over. You can simply videotape your work, use screen capture software as you work on your computer, or even just use a video of a PowerPoint type of presentation.

When applying for a specific job, think of YouTube as a great way to grab the attention of the employer. Instead of just submitting another black and white text resume that simply lists your feats, submit a video showing that you can actually perform the job or giving examples of what you can do. You almost give yourself an initial controlled interview by doing this, allowing the potential employer to essentially meet you virtually and get a sense of your personality, drive, and talents.

YouTube is no doubt one of the quickest ways to get noticed online. It’s not just for viral, cute, or funny videos. If you want to put yourself ahead of others in a competitive job market, then consider using YouTube to really get the attention of the people you’re trying to reach. Your future boss may be searching for you on YouTube right now so start making those videos!

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  • Good advice and encouragement. One should also educated themselves and develop their personality. A good place to start is the book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. And study sales techniques such as remembering that good advertising “sells the sizzle, not the steak” and that people want to be entertained. You can secretly educate them but, mostly, they want to be amused. Also remember the adage of all new outlets… “if it bleeds it leads”. Why do you think the horror shows at the Roman Coliseum were so popular.

    Study your potential audience and give them what they want. The trick is figuring out what that is and delivering the goods. But practice makes perfect… most of the time.