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What does your marketing say about you?

It’s hard to market yourself when you are in the marketing business. Your own PR and business props talk not only about the business you are in, but what your clients can expect from you. Are you a traditionalist? Are you e-savvy? Are you fun?

Here are a few tips that can help your marketing of your own marketing business stand out from the rest:

Market yourself using the tools you would use for a client

If you are advocating that all of your clients get onto Twitter, then you need to make sure you are an active presence there too. If you believe that business cards are the way to go, then yours need to sing. If you are about the swag and reusable gift bags, then guess what – you’d better have a few branded with your own logo. If you aren’t using your own marketing techniques, then why would your clients believe they are effective?

Know your client nicheWe’ve heard it a thousand times before, but it’s worth repeating. Who is your ideal client? It’s also worth doing some real work in this area. Who do you love working for? Which clients in the past have been your best successes? What characteristics do they have? What industries do they represent? Which levels of the organization do you work best with? When you start to see similarities across your most enjoyable and lucrative gigs, then you know you’ve hit your niche.

Know your own strengths

What makes you special? Where do you shine? What are the strengths that you bring to the job that no one else has? This may be the most difficult question of all to answer, and if you’re having a hard time, then ask your clients. Go to those best clients that you thought of earlier, and send out a survey or, even better, talk with them about why they enjoy working with you. Perhaps they would be willing to write a testimonial, and you will certainly gain insight into your business and skills from their perspective.

Develop relationships

Marketing yourself, like creating marketing for your clients, is all about relationship. When a client has trust and confidence in you, you will stand out as a consideration for future business. It goes without saying: do what you said you were going to do, when you said you’d do it by. Over-deliver. Have high standards and surpass them. Your clients will love you and never let you go.

Lisa Sansom is the Founder of LVS Consulting. A certified coach and positive psychology practitioner, Lisa helps businesses, teams and individuals be at their best. For more information, please visit LVS Consulting or email Lisa directly at lisa.sansom@gmail.com.