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The Sizzle, No BS Planning for 2011

First I want to ask you these questions:

1. Do you want to be happy?
2. Do you want to be financially free?
3. And how close are you to achieving both?

What better time to consider this then in the first couple of months of the fresh and crisp New Year? So lets get you on the path of getting you there!

I have been one lucky bunny already this year. I attended a three day intensive training course the first week back after the holidays.  And there is just nothing better to clear out the ‘cobwebs’ then a highly intensive training program that really jolts you into action.

Based on experiential learning techniques, the content was core shaking and mind shifting. So not only am I exceptionally lucky to

have been there, now you are even move lucky because I am going to let you in on the very 1st secret to professional success. Whilst I paid a ton of money for this, you get to make a cup of tea, kick back and enjoy the read. For now! Afterwards, I will challenge you to create the plan that will underpin your hearts desires.

But first, I am going to keep my promise and share.

I am a great believer that each and everyone of us is seeking happiness and financial freedom. No one likes to be down, unmotivated and poor. But where to start or how to get there? I am sure you have already tried many things to figure this out. Maybe you have even made attempts to create a plan but somehow it still did not bring the results you had hoped.

Lets break this cycle. Before you can even start to put plans or possible objectives in place, there is one very crucial piece you need to understand or otherwise your plan will never succeed.

You have got to really identify the WHY you want to be financially free! Only once you truly and deeply understand the WHY, you can start on planning the HOW. And here is another thing. The reasons need to be truly and deeply compelling, strong enough to carry you through all obstacles you will undoubtedly encounter.

So take a fresh, clean piece of paper and set the timer to three minutes. List all the WHY’s you can think of and make sure you approach it from the heart. Don’t spend time thinking to much about them, rather let things bubble up inside of you and note them down.

Once your time is up, go back over your list and highlight the three most compelling reasons. You will want to share them with someone else to gauge their reaction. If they are moved by your reasons, Bingo! You are one step closer to realising your dreams. I hope you will have shared the emotional charge that is connected to your WHY’s. This will break the cycle forever!

Now you are truly ready to determine the plan for the year. Either get started yourself or contact me if you need a one page planning template. Would love to hear how it goes!

Happy New Year,

A highly skilled and experienced international Business Adviser with key competencies in Sales & Marketing Strategy, Conny Millard specialises in working with savvy female entrepreneurs in Canada, US and Europe. For further information please contact her directly at or visit

  • Marta Lukias

    This is a inspirational post. Thanking you for writing it and I think it will help my planning for this year also.

  • Hi Marta,
    Make sure you have your three WHY’s on you at all times and re-read as often as possible. It will keep you reminded of why you are doing what you are doing when life gets in the way 🙂
    Keep me posted on how you are getting on!