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Social Media Goes Human Resources and Vice Versa

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Social HR Camp in Richmond organized by Jeff Waldman (founder of the event) and Geoff Webb of Toronto.

A strong turnout brought HR, social media, marketing and business professionals together from BC, Ontario, and even California.

In addition to meeting some great folks, the camp offered a variety of sessions for both beginners and advanced practitioners of social media.

Here are some highlights from yesterday’s event and the sessions I had a chance to attend…

Stephen Jagger

Stephen is a hard core entrepreneur: Ubertor, Reachd, Outsourcing Things Done, Payroll Hero

Some key points:

  • Social media is not an option anymore. Companies need to get involved.
  • Facebook is too big to ignore.
  • Stephen uses Google Sites as a wiki to keep his businesses organized.
  • He does this so his businesses can run themselves regardless of where he is in the world.
  • Google Hangouts for video conferencing is the new hit.
  • Yammer is great for internal communications within a company.

Jade Bourelle

Jade is the CEO of Talent Technology.

Some key points:

  • Most recruiters have 20-50 open positions at any given time.
  • Many top companies still don’t let employees access social media sites.
  • There are too many tools and technologies that people in HR need to master.
  • The shift is to integrating tools and technologies.

Nin Sandhu

Nin is the product marketing manager at Talent Technology.

Some key points:

  • Recruiters spend 15 hours a week sourcing talent.
  • It is still critical to post jobs and connect with talent through multiple sources.
  • It’s important that HR leverage their own networks and networks in their own company to access talent.

Nick Kellet

Nick is the co-founder of and the CEO of GiftTrap.

Some key points:

  • Move away from separating your work and life and start putting the two together.
  • Be open to connecting with more people.
  • Focus on growing your content, your connections and your engagement.
  • Don’t just retweet content, add in your own opinion and ideas.
  • Doesn’t check LinkedIn often because of too much spam.
  • LinkedIn is considered the ‘old peoples’ network (someone in the audience mentioned this as well).
  • Klout is flawed, but it’s an important score to consider.

Get into the vibe of being generous.” – Nick Kellet

Kemp Edmonds

Kemp works with Hootsuite, consultants and teaches at BCIT.

Some key points:

  • Kemp discussed advanced twitter strategies.
  • The value in customizing the end of your links and shortening them.
  • Key point is tracking clicks and engagement of your links.
  • Be sure to check out the Apps section if you’re a Hootsuite user.
  • Google Alerts and Social Mentions is a great way to monitor your brand online.
  • You can setup geo coordinates to do searches of twitter users in a specific radius. (works well when you grab the coordinates from Google Maps and then add them into your twitter search).
  • Use OR and other boolean type searching on Twitter to return more filtered results.

Andrea Shillington

Andrea is the founder of Brands for the People.

Some key points:

  • Ran a great exercise that we were sworn not to talk about. Shutting lips now.
  • Spent time talking about brands.
  • What is the purpose of your business? Aside from money, why are you doing what you’re doing?
  • What is your vision? How does your business affect and impact your customers?
  • Discussion around Tom’s Shoes, Coke, and other brands ensues.

Details, Photos and More

These are just a few of the highlights from the day. I had to attend a meeting and wasn’t able to stay for the whole event. You can find considerably more detail on the day and Social HR Camp here:

  • Great review of the day! It was wonderful to see so many people out to talk social media & HR. Super discussions and content seemed to flow throughout the day.

    • Daniel

      Awesome stuff. Thanks for the review of the day. Hey guys, whose up for a good old fashioned blog carnival?

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