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Often Overlooked Marketing Strategy – Grab the Mic

Do you want bang for your marketing buck? Then step up and share your industry expertise through seminar style speaking opportunities. This marketing strategy is often overlooked and a brilliant opportunity to position yourself above your competitors and the marketing din.

Are you thinking, “I’m not a public speaker” or “It’s not on my top ten list of favourite things to do?” You are already part way there – you are an expert in your industry and understand your target audience – both great qualities of a confident public speaker.

Five Tips to Get You Started
1) Watch Ted and observe the techniques of high caliber speaking professionals. Drink in the emotion and passion that is communicated through these charged presentations. These speakers exhibit a level of audience engagement that you should strive for.

2) Create a presentation that not only introduces the benefits of your idea/product/service but also showcases them through stories. But be warned, this is not the time for a sales pitch; it is an opportunity to position yourself as a credible subject matter expert.

3) Start small by enquiring at your local associations to offer your industry perspective. Reach out to businesses and offer lunch and learns. When your confidence has grown, target conference plenaries or offer workshops at community centers and through adult continuing education classes.

4) Be conscious of speaking only at venues that will attract your target audience or your time invested will be lost.

5) Help to broadcast your speaking engagements through your email and newsletter database. This will broaden the amount of potential attendees and elevate your perception as an industry expert amongst your peers and colleagues.

Don’t be fooled by the misconception that this is a “free” marketing tool. It is not, and in fact takes many hours of consideration. But it is time that should be considered a worthwhile investment in your relationship building and integrated marketing strategy.
Could you ask for a better bang for your buck?

Janice Tomich is the Principal and founder of Calculated Presentations based in Vancouver, BC. When it comes to strategic presentations of all sorts Janice is the pro to go to. Connect with Janice on LinkedIn or at