Marketing & Media Trends for 2013 in Canada. Industry Insights |

Marketing & Media Trends for 2013 in Canada: Insights From Industry Thought Leaders


Four thought leaders in the marketing, media and advertising industries share their insights into trends for 2013. Thanks to BCAMA for holding this great marketing and advertising panel event.


  • Marketing world is more liquid.
  • Be more inclusive in every way you operate.
  • Listen to new interns.
  • Brands need more full frontal nudity.
  • Need more transparency and to have more honest conversations.
  • Use big data as a force for good, not evil.
  • Help each other, rather than be intrusive.
  • Everything has changed (social media, etc). But, values haven’t.
  • Understand the need you are fulfilling.


  • While we have less control on many things these days, we can still control our brands.
  • Find meaning and purpose that end audience is after.
  • Think “Why” and not just “What” and “How”.
  • Key considerations: Brand Purpose / Retail is Everywhere / Emerging Markets / P2P / Transparency / Private in Public / Alpha Boomers / Big Data / Hyper Predictive.


  • More people reaching out to good things in life to escape stress and compression.
  • Average life of CMO’s increasing to 43 months from 23 months back in 2006.
  • Key qualities needed: Strategist / Analyst / Brand Guru / Communications / Culture Curator and Change Agent / Mathlete / Media Owner / Technologist / Journalist / Creative / Scientist / Loyalty / Engagement = RESULTS.
  • Need to own media buying rather than outsource it.
  • New trend formula: Brand(x) + Data(x) = Conversion.
  • 5 Imperatives: 1) Have focus on foundations 2) Define brand essence and brand voice 3) Content is king 4) Data is marketing opportunity of our generation 5) Modernize your organizational structure.


  • Visuals rule and outdo everything else.
  • Everyone wants to be treated as special.
  • The key pieces: Insights / Business Context / Intelligence / Connections / Measurements.
  • Storytelling = Storyselling.
  • We always remember characters. There is a growth in use of characters in media.
  • Taking something familiar and adding a twist.
  • Online and Offline Marketing has merged.