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Make the Pitch Stick

How many people do you meet on average per month? 2, 12, 20? If I asked you who you’ve met in October, would you struggle to remember? How about the other way around?

If I’d asked people who have met you, what would they say? Do they know what you do and how you are unique within your industry? Do you think you left a strong, lasting impression engaging the audience with opportunities to explore?

In my line of business I get to meet and connect with many professionals, lots of them hugely talented and passionate about what they do. Yet when it comes to introducing themselves, they find it difficult to clearly state in a couple of lines what they do and how they differ from the rest. A tough challenge commonly shared.

Being able to confidently introduce yourself, creating instant credibility and identifying possible synergies in the first moment of meeting a new connection, is one of the most powerful means of advertising. By spending time and having a well thought through intro pitch, you will capture your audience and distinguish yourself from any perceived competition.

Spending the time to refine your introduction, will be one of the best investments you will ever make. To get you going, let me give you a couple of tips on how you narrow down the key points for instantaneously engaging your new contacts:

1.) Think about what your product or service does for others – This may differ from target market to target market, therefore tailored responses will have a much greater impact.

2.) Stick to the benefits – Not many people will care for technical details but for the value that you offer. Make sure you focus on talking about benefits rather than technical features.

3.) Be brief – No-one likes to listen to a lengthy introduction. You will loose people’s interest in mere seconds if you can’t be short, sharp and to the point.

4.) Speak from the heart – Identifying what you will do specifically for that target market and clearly communicating your emotional understanding of their needs, will create immediate intimacy and contacts will be keen to hear more.

5.) Strengthen your confidence – Preparing a well thought through introduction will put you in control of meeting new people and give you the confidence to leave a positive and lasting first impression.

6.) Don’t forget to practice – Once you are happy with the content, let your intro become second nature by rehearsing your pitch until it sits.

Take the time to create a compelling intro. Sharpening your answer to the ever sounding: So what do you do?, will prepare you well and take some of the apprehension out of meeting new people. Even more importantly, you will open up opportunities by instantly capturing your target market’s attention.

Now go and get practicing!


A highly skilled and experienced international Business Adviser with key competencies in Sales & Marketing Strategy, Conny Millard specialises in working with savvy female entrepreneurs in Canada, US and Europe. For further information please contact her directly at or visit