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Looking After Yourself When Self Employed

It can be hard working alone. Being self-employed, working out of a home office, keeping odd hours – all of this can add up to someone who is feeling cut off, isolated and lonely.

This can lead to lower energy and sadness – and this is definitely not the state of mind you want to be in when you are pitching new ideas, generating creative energy and selling your work to potential clients. What can you do to break out of the blues when you’re on your own?

Here are a few ideas:

Do something nice for someone else
The world is a highly connected place, and if you’re using a site like, then you are among the highly connected. So reach out into your network virtually and do something nice for someone else. How does this help you? Research shows that those who do good things for others actually benefit from a “giver’s glow” – giving you more energy and a positive boost!

Do something nice for yourself
Get out of the house or office and get active. Physical activity – even moderate walking in the sunshine – can reduce blood pressure, boost the immune system, relieve stress and increase positive emotions. For an extra oomph, when you are out, take special notice of the beauty around you. Noticing new things is a simple way to be mindful and in the present. It’s a great mental focus.

Reconnect with your bigger purpose
Sometimes, as solo entrepreneurs, we get bogged down in the details – the invoicing, the minutiae of the back and forth with clients, the scheduling… All the things that we have to do to support our business and passion, but that we dislike. Take a few deep breaths (and it’s the exhale that really relaxes so inhale for 4 but exhale for a count of 8 or even 12 or 16) and focus on your larger vision. Remind yourself of what you enjoy. Remind yourself of the great energy that you feel as you work towards your goal. And remind yourself that this little niggling hassle will pass – and remind yourself of how good you will feel once it’s behind you.

All in all, as you feel isolated in your frustration, remember that you are not alone. Studies show that even self-declared introverts are happier with other people around. We are social creatures and reconnecting is beneficial for our well-being – and that’s good for business!

Lisa Sansom is the Founder of LVS Consulting. A certified coach and positive psychology practitioner, Lisa helps businesses, teams and individuals be at their best. For more information, please visit LVS Consulting.