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Get exposure on YouTube in someone else’s videos!

When you look at what works the best for getting views on YouTube, you almost never see corporate or promotional videos in the list. Take a look at the most viewed videos of the day and a lot of it is from YouTube Partners providing some sort of comedic content for their subscribers.  But did you know that many of these content producers have sponsorship deals and product placement and in their videos?

It’s taken a while for businesses to take YouTube seriously – what with all the kinds of cute kitten videos and low quality webcam vlogs often filling up the site. However, YouTuber Partners are the ones who are consistently getting a large amounts of views on their videos with built in audiences of regular viewers – an ideal scenario for a business owner or entrepreneur looking to get exposure on the overcrowded video sharing website.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a professional video that promotes your product or service with little chance of it standing out from the crowd and getting a high amount of views, a YouTube Partner can do the work for you, at a much lower cost, and reach many more people. For example, on my YouTube channel I charge companies a small fee per thousand views that my sponsored videos receive.  I incorporate their brand into the video so that it’s still seen as “entertainment” by the viewer, and with an audience of thousands of regular subscribers who know, like, and trust me, the message is received in a positive way unlike with a typical video ad.  The sponsor doesn’t have to come up with the concept for the video, produce it, or even promote it – I do all the work for them for a lower cost and with better results.

A YouTube Partner can put up a creative and entertaining video and then subtly work your product into their show instead of doing in-your-face commercials which have almost no viral potential. Everything from your product/service being used in the video, to the whole video being based around your product/service, to a contest or giveaway of your product or service (or even a combination of those) can be done to effectively make thousands of new people aware of what you do.

The results compared to doing your own promotional video can be quite substantial.  For example, I did a sponsored parody video called “You Dun Goofed Up” for a wallet company and instead of just promoting the wallet, making my audiences feel like I was selling them something, I created a funny comedy spoof that they’d actually want to watch and share with their friends. My video got over 20,000 views, whereas the company itself has not been able to crack into the five-figure view count with any of the 125 videos they’ve put on their own YouTube channel.

Big corporations are increasingly using product placement in music videos, TV shows, and movies to promote their brand and get as many new people to see it as possible. Now with YouTube even small businesses and entrepreneurs can benefit from the cost-effective, attention grabbing, and influential appeal of hiring a YouTube Partner to do the work for them!

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