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Glossophobia, It’s Not Contagious: Fear of Public Speaking

Many executives tell me that they are afraid of public speaking. Perhaps you suffer from this affliction too and identify with the terror taking the stage brings.

The fear originates from standing alone in the spotlight. When we stand alone we are vulnerable and the fight or flight response rears its head.This is a natural human response originating to caveman days.

How do we become confident speakers who can powerfully articulate our ideas and services? And create an atmosphere where the audience will spread our ideas or buy our products?

Positive Visualization
In your mind’s eye see yourself walking confidently on the stage, beaming with enthusiasm, and owning your piece of stage real estate. See the audience clapping as
you enter and hear your powerful words. Listen to the audience clapping when you exit the stage. Leave with the same confidence you arrived with.

Know of What You Speak
When you have completed your script, practice it a few times. Now strip it down to key notes. Continue to practice from only your notes. When you have it down, hide your notes.

Practice and Practice Some More
Let the world hear your words. In the shower practice the arm motions that accentuate your points. Stand in front of the mirror and check out your facial expressions while you tell yourself that you can charm the pants from your audience.


Though we have the caveman dilemma of self preservation haunting us, we logically know that in today’s world we don’t need it. By seeing yourself as a confident speaker, knowing your presentation cold, and practicing until you can’t stand to listen to yourself anymore, you will overcome the fear of public speaking.

Here’s the but…you have to take the first leap and believe you can.

Janice Tomich is the Principal and founder of Calculated Presentations based in Vancouver, BC. When it comes to strategic presentations of all sorts Janice is the pro to go to. Connect with Janice on LinkedIn or at www.JaniceTomich.com

  • Jenn Niles

    Janice thank you, this is a great post. Simple advice and it makes perfect sense.

  • Michael Zipursky

    “practicing until you can’t stand to listen to yourself anymore” – though that might sound a bit off, it is very good advice. Nice post Janice!

  • I’ll be back in the public speaking circuit soon, so I appreciate the sound advice. The best orators are the best because they practice until they get “it”. Thanks Janice!