Inside Jobs: What is an Account Manager? |
  • Claudia

    Account manager sounds like a position where it is difficult to please: either management or client with average to poor financial compensation. It sounds like management needs to recognize this fact and offer more support – both training and financial compensation.

  • Chantel

    Wow very applicable to not only account managers but most to all positions in the business world !

  • Fifi

    I have an interview tomorrow and after reading your article……I don’t want to go! This would be a very different type of work environment for me, so, hmmmmm? Kinda giving it second thoughts. Thanks for the info.

  • tz

    Well axcel this was actually very eye opening to me. This information has its good with its not so good but very well said. It really made me realize this is what I wanted to do all my life and knowing the primaries of this job ethic helped me to realize that.
    thank you

  • John

    I work in an organisation with Account Managers and my experience is that their position has become defunct with the use of email and automated ordering. The structure of our sales team comprises of Internal Sales people (the sales people that load and manage orders from customers), Technical sales people (who understand our products very well, and also understand what the customer is doing and plans to do in the future) and Account Managers (who don’t seem to add any value at all). Many years ago before computers, and the internet, the Account Manager would phone through orders verbally or by Fax to the Internal sales people to load, but those days stopped about 15 years ago, however, we still have the legacy group of sales people in our organisation. The Management still view them as the owner of the customer, and still attribute all our business to their involvement and will not question this mentality (mainly because they were once Account Managers themselves many years ago and got promoted). So, I I’m not sure it’s a profession that has much future, and is only being propped up by poorly Managed Sales organisations who haven’t figured out that the role is defunct.

    • Griff Jenkins

      Account Managers at YOUR organization may have become defunct, but they are alive, well and in high demand where I work. For instance, we don’t have ‘Internal Sales People’ or ‘Technical Sales People’, we just have Account Managers that do all of the above. It seems like the real problem at your company is a lack of talent; ie people who are unable wear several different hats and still perform. Sounds like you need more Account Managers and less people who only do one or two things well.