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7 ways to make Monday mornings at the office suck less

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Changing your outlook on Mondays isn’t hard, it just requires a few small tweaks to your routine. Writer Corrie Alexander shares 7 ways to start the week off right and turn Monday into Funday.

Nothing sets the tone for the week like a bad Monday morning, right? Take this particular morning, for example: you woke up late, (because you’re exhausted) and just barely made it in for 9AM – and now you’re wayyy behind schedule. To top it all off, you didn’t have time to stop for coffee, and now you’re facing an inbox chock-full of emails without the crutch of caffeine to help you deal. Great.


The first day of the workweek may never become your favourite day of the week, but with you can take the edge off it with a little organization – using these handy tips as a guideline:

Clean up Your Desk on Friday

Although it can be tough to stay focused so close to the end of your workweek, make an effort to get a few things done. Do that mind-numbingly boring report because it won’t be any less annoying on Monday! Before you leave for the weekend, clear your desk off and put things in their proper place so you can start with a clean slate come Monday.

Get Your Act Together on Sunday Night

Fail to plan on the weekend and the next thing you know, you’re waking up on Monday to find your clothes waiting in a wrinkled heap at the bottom of your drier. Beat procrastination by making a weekend checklist with a 6 pm deadline on Sunday night. The checklist should include planning meals, folding laundry, and reviewing your work calendar for the week. Getting your act together also includes getting to bed at a decent time!

Get Out the Door Earlier

Leave for work even 10 minutes earlier than usual and you’ll be amazed by how less stressful the commute is. You’re also keeping the roads safer by not driving like a James Bond stunt double in a frantic attempt to get to work on time.

The first day of the workweek may never become your favourite day of the week, but with you can take the edge off it with a little organization!

Give yourself more time in the morning by waking up earlier. Make zero-effort breakfasts, like some fruit or a yogurt. Leave early enough and you might even have time to hit up the drive-thru for a latte!

Take a Mid-Morning Break

Set a reminder on your phone or Outlook calendar to take a break at around 10 am. Get up and go for a walk, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Taking a physical and mental break from your desk will help keep your stress levels down.

Plan for Lunch Out

Something as simple as making plans to get lunch with your coworker on Monday can make it that much easier to crawl out from the cocoon of your bed when that alarm goes off!

Take a Vacation Day

Obviously, it can’t be every week, but use a couple of your vacation days to bypass Monday. Facing Monday at work will seem easier when you can look forward to having the next one off!

Corrie is a logistics team manager and freelance writer from Oakville, Ontario. Although freight and logistics may fill her days, she considers herself a writer at heart, churning out content with aplomb. She enjoys writing about health-related topics such as work-life balance, running and yoga.

What are some of your tips for tackling Mondays head-on? We’d like to hear from you! Leave your comments in the section below.

  • This is a great list. I really like the weekend check list idea! I also like the idea of going out to lunch on Monday. That is a great way to have something to look forward too! Great article!

    • I thought that was a great piece of advice, too. Thanks for commenting, Vicky!