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11 Tips For Landing Your Dream Job

I’ve heard career counsellors say you shouldn’t spend more than 20% of your job search time responding to jobs on online job boards.

Truth be told, I landed most of my jobs by responding to job alerts and ads.

In addition to having a great resume, preparing targeted cover letters, personal branding, networking and following up, I’d like to present some additional steps that will help you stand out and land a position that fits your skill set and interests.

Practice your 60-second elevator pitch and use it when you meet new people. Have business cards handy.

Continuing applying for jobs through online job boards such as Freshgigs.ca, Workopolis, Monster and others. Whenever possible, set up job alerts and you’ll automatically receive an email when new jobs are posted.

Follow hiring managers, recruitment staff and key people in the companies where you want to work on Twitter. Jobs are sometimes posted on Twitter before appearing on a corporate website or a job board.

If you belong to a professional association check their job board. If you don’t belong to a professional association, consider joining one. You’ll have access to their job board and get valuable opportunities to network with people in your industry.

Complete or update any online profiles you have and build your network. In addition to reviewing your resume, covering letter and references, hiring organizations will access your LinkedIn page. Make sure any online profile you have is complete, up-to-date and accurate. Explain your skills in a clear and concise manner and highlight your accomplishments. If you’re a writer, designer or artist, make sure to showcase your portfolio with your work samples and add it to your profile.

Social media is a powerful way to meet people and build networks, however, to land a job you need to get in front of people who make the hiring decisions.

Find and work with a recruiter. Many recruiters (also known affectionately as head hunters) have direct access to hiring managers. They may also know about positions that are not posted on jobs boards. They can be especially helpful if you have specialized or in-demand skills or experience.

Increase your social media presence and profile. Consider starting a blog. You don’t have to write about your industry, simply choose a topic that you have knowledge in or are passionate about. Contribute regularly (once a week is fine), include photos and break up your writing into easy-to-scan digestible chunks. The key to writing a blog is to make it personal. Write like you talk – make it personal and clearly present your point of view.

Don’t forget to publicize your blog. (Is a blog still a blog if nobody reads it?) Tell your friends about your blog and include a link to it on any of your online profiles. Tweet to announce your blog and each time after you publish a new entry. You can even include a link to your blog in your email signature.

Follow and comment on tweets and posts from key influencers. If, for example, your blog is all about movies, search for a few well-known movie critics on Twitter and follow them. Comment on their tweets and blogs (and re-tweet their tweets). You’ll find that some of them will  start to follow you and read your blog. And you never know who they know. Plus, when someone in HR checks you out, they’ll see that you have a strong social following – which can help.

Join a Meet Up group and network (in person). Visit meetup.com and look for groups in your industry, field or activities and topics that you find interesting. Meeting new people is a great way to network. Practice your 60-second elevator pitch and use it when you meet new people. Have business cards handy. If you’re not working, print out cards that list your expertise and include your contact information, Twitter handle and blog address.

Social media is a powerful way to meet people and build networks, however, to land a job you need to get in front of people who make the hiring decisions.

Your 11-step program for landing a job

  1. Apply for jobs on FreshGigs.ca and online job boards
  2. Join a professional association
  3. Access their job boards
  4. Complete and/or update your online profile(s)
  5. Stay positive and be happy. Fit is as important as skills and experience. (See Employers Hire People They Want To Be Friends With, Study Finds.)
  6. Increase your social media presence
  7. Tweet about topics that demonstrate your brand and personality
  8. Start a blog and promote it
  9. Follow people in your industry on Twitter.
  10. Comment and re-tweet when you find articles from your key influencers
  11. Attend professional networking events. Social media can open the door however, you need to get in front of real people to land a job.

If you are searching for a job at an ad agency, check out 10 Tips To Get A Job At An Ad Agency.

About the author:
Brian Moran
has written communications for the financial and fundraising sectors for 12 years. He enjoys music, film, staying active and urban life. As a long-term volunteer, he has ushered many Hollywood A-listers along the TIFF red carpet.

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    What a great article with some excellent suggestions which will come in handy seeing as I am currently looking for employment!!

  • Glad you found the article helpful. Good luck on your job search.

  • Jane S

    Great Article…I did pick-up a couple of new ideas, including investigating meetup.com. That’s a site I was not aware of and better yet it can be localised. The job search is tough and we all feel like we’re on a rollercoaster some days so it helps when you find an useful post like this.