Media Buyer - Remote | The Hemon Group/HemonX Recruiting | | 05/01/22

Media Buyer full-time

Location: Remote
Salary: 50-70k a year
Company Name: The Hemon Group/HemonX Recruiting ()
Category: Marketing
Remote Friendly:
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Job hunting isn't fun, but you're probably here for a reason.

Maybe you’re sick of being just another piece of a corporate company and looking for a home to let out your creativity...

Maybe you’ve always wanted to escape from your prototypical role designed around old-school metrics…

Or, maybe you’re feeling stuck with your career and you want a role that will challenge analytics, while still thinking strategically and off the wall, all at the same time.

Whatever your reasons, we get how difficult it can be to work for a company or culture that doesn't suit you.

That’s why we’re doing something different.

How are we different?

HemonX is always looking for qualified candidates, interviewing them, and placing them in front of multiple companies to find the best match.

Once you’re offered a position, you’ll be enrolled into the 8 week HemonX program at no cost to you.

At HemonX, you will be trained, developed, and made into a HIGH PERFORMANCE marketer instead of just “button pushing” media buyers.

This includes:

  • Mindset
  • Advanced Consumer Psychology
  • Copywriting
  • Premium Media Buying Tactics
  • Conversion Understanding

Once you complete the 8-week program, you’ll be certified in M.A.A.D (Mindset Ads And Data).

And beyond that, You'll also be able to participate in weekly coaching calls and get support from world-class and top media buyers who manage millions of dollars in paid traffic.

We’re looking for media buyers who are willing to go beyond pushing buttons on ad accounts and managing ad spend.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Is an A-player who is constantly striving to accomplish more and move upward.

  • Is coachable and responds well to feedback.

  • Is ambitious, persistent, and wants to succeed.

  • Is not afraid to roll up the sleeves and get the job done.

  • Is someone who will not settle for anything less than excellence standards.

Skills & Qualifications:

*An "Expert" eCommerce or Business Development Lead Generation direct-response Facebook media buyer that has managed multiple ad accounts with $1,000+/daily ad spend.

*Had 2+ years of experience in this area of direct response and/or has a track record with a similar level of success with 3+ industries. This includes knowledge in optimizing and scaling budget while improving and/or obtaining the same performance.

*Has 2+ years of experience in crafting copy and communicating results and needs through proper reporting and communication. This person not only needs to know how to be a media buyer but also create compelling supporting copy and relay content needs based on what he/she is seeing in an ads account.

*2+ years of Paid Facebook Ad Management experience with e-commerce/Lead Generation brands.

*Experience in Google Ads, Adwords, Display, YouTube is a plus!

*Experience in moving prospects from top to bottom of the funnel.

*Depth of knowledge in campaign set up, segmentation and structure.

*Capable of contributing new strategies and tactics.

*Excellent writing and creative content skills.

*Any creative experience is a huge plus. This person will not need to create ad creative, but the capability for slight edits, modifications, and more is a big bonus.

*Google Analytics understanding and utilization is required.

Here’s what your day-to-day looks like:

  • Create, maintain and grow large scale Facebook Media Buys across multiple accounts brands and products

  • Work with our Chief of Strategy & Sr. Media Buyers to successfully build and scale traffic across 5+ brands.

  • Conduct audits of current brand’s accounts to identify optimization areas.

  • Work with and/or assist with Google's ad platform.

  • Work within a budget for each account and effectively communicate needs to scale based on results in each ads account.

  • Analyze your media buys and associated metrics on a daily basis to ensure profitability.

  • Proactively optimize your campaigns by adjusting advertisements (creative) and all other levers at your disposal such as rates, placements, day-parting, geo-targeting, etc. to ensure that CPA goals are met.

  • Set-up and monitor ads with proper naming conventions that are sortable and understandable for the entire Paid Media Marketing department.

  • Create and optimize SOPs for the department as bandwidth and scale allows.

Let’s talk details: Your compensation, benefits & growth opportunities

Roles and Compensation:

Salary Range: Range of 50-70k depending on experience & results achieved.

Location: Anywhere/Fully Remote

Ready to Go Beyond “Pushing Buttons”?

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