Manager, Digital Communications & Marketing - Ottawa, ON | Ashbury College | | 12/08/11
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Manager, Digital Communications & Marketing full-time

Location: Ottawa, ON
Company Name: Ashbury College ()
Category: Communications, Marketing
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The Manager, Digital Communications & Marketing will successfully manage and deliver marketing and communications products and services. S/he will use his/her seasoned experience to create and execute communications and marketing strategies, by leading or supporting project teams to:

  • develop web strategy and write to maintain the school’s social media and website;
  • increase awareness of Ashbury College; • improve Ashbury’s online presence and market positioning;
  • create and maintain consistent stakeholder traffic;
  • engage existing constituencies;
  • develop and manage new target audiences; and
  • increase event attendance, engagement and support for school activities.

The Manager, Digital Communications & Marketing is expected to be knowledgeable about, and stay on top of, industry-leading online advertising and marketing trends, write and edit all content, find innovative solutions to online marketing challenges, and diligently respond to stakeholder, client and social media demands. In addition, s/he must have a command of search engine and social media optimization, experience in Web publishing and HTML, working knowledge of video and photography editing software, graphic design, market research and report writing.



  • Generate and maintain school’s external-facing Website content, and writing content which includes   keeping live, active and up-to-date hyperlinks, photos, videos, calendar updates, events and activities.
  • Track Website audience behaviour (analyse traffic paths and performance of marketing efforts) and identify trends and opportunities.
  • Write, edit, test and optimize copy of landing pages using keywords and other variables. • Oversee creative development of HTML templates, content and Web graphics, while ensuring brand and quality control.
  • Work with school databases from Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge software, and have knowledge of systems to ensure database integration with Web activity.
  • Make recommendations for online content, and assist in maintaining core messages and resource areas on Website through the existing content management system.
  • Establish and maintain a system for online registration for events, and manage online promotion of events.
  • Manage the development of, and access to, subject-specific microsites for special campaigns, programs and projects.
  • Develop, implement and track online video campaigns designed to promote external audience engagement.
  • Define and implement search engine marketing strategies, including ethical SEO initiatives, to raise the profile of Ashbury’s Web presence.

E-communication management:

  • Develop, implement and track Ashbury’s stakeholder-circulated e-mail campaigns.
  • Promote and police adherence to all branding and writing standards.
  • Manage regular e-communication to key constituent groups through e-weeklies, e-mail fundraising solicitations, event announcements, special notices, emergency and general correspondence, as provided by internal clients.
  • Develop online templates for electronic communications and surveys, as provided by users.


  • Implement marketing plans using online channels (including search engine marketing (SEM), organic search, video and text advertising, email promotions and social media).
  • Develop segmentation, testing, reporting, analysis and tactics for e-mail and search engine marketing campaigns.
  • Optimize campaign/program performance, through continuous testing campaign models and monitoring using performance analytics of e-mail strategies.
  • Track results of online surveys and produce survey results.
    Other related duties:• Provide or co-ordinate video services, upon request, related to online campaigns.
  • Assist with maintenance of the school’s photo/video library.
  • Promote consistent design and writing in all Ashbury materials, media and communications.
  • Research, recommend, implement and manage the school’s use of social media.
  • Coordinate the use of the school’s indoor digital display screens, for the dissemination of school information.
  • Other related duties as assigned.


  • Manage project budgets, quality controls, and triage projects.
  • Prepare regular reports of online activity, summarized quarterly and annually.
  • Keep abreast of new technologies and developments in digital marketing and social media management.
  • Stay up-to-date on compliance and regulation of online marketing.
  • Conduct online market research in support of strategy development and decision making.

Academic Qualifications

• Minimum of bachelor degree in arts or business with a focus in marketing; or related community college diploma.

Professional Experience

  • Minimum of 5 years progressive experience in total, which includes exposure to all of these roles: web master and social media specialist; writer or editor; branding; e-communications and publishing, including developing and implementing database and web marketing strategies; demonstrated experience leading and managing communications projects.
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience in web maintenance, writing and editing, social media and viral marketing, graphic design for web publications and social media, advertising, marketing and promotional programs from concept to completion, and using metrics to measure performance and drive continuous results improvement.

Knowledge of:

  • Marketing and project management concepts, tools, practices and methodologies and related e-communications strategies;
  • Formal writing standards and able to adapt styles and edit content;• innovation to increase brand awareness and strategies to harness the potential of online social networks;• search engine optimization and social media optimization;• publishing and photography software tools, for print and web development;
  • Branding
  • Market segmentation; and• constituency development and relationship management.


  • Web publishing including HTML
  • Strong writing, editing and communication skills
  • Content generation, acquisition and management
  • Market research and business intelligence gathering
  • Strong project team management and life cycle management ability
  • Ability to set objectives and prioritize
  • Ability to build, sustain and manage client and stakeholder relations
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