Marketing Programs Manager - Vancouver, BC | ACL Services | | 29/03/17
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Marketing Programs Manager full-time

Location: Vancouver, BC
Company Name: ACL Services ()
Category: Marketing
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On the surface, Marketing for an enterprise company like ACL isn’t sexy. The GRC industry seems irrelevant to your daily life — you wouldn’t touch them as a consumer — so why work here? It’ll take a bit to explain, but trust us, it’s worth it. Here are 4 good reasons…

Young At Heart

We’re a 29-year-old company that moves like a startup. It’s the best of both worlds. We have huge customers (90% of the Fortune 500), impressive revenues, and are not worrying about our next funding round. At the same time, we’re busting into new markets and disrupting an entire industry, so things are always interesting around here. Interesting in a good way.

We Are Change

Disrupting an entire industry means driving change internally. Breaking into new markets depends on flawlessly executing our market strategy (yes we have one – it is super tight and data-driven – like our solution) by arming our frontlines with everything they need to win. A shared vision binds teams together, creating a cohesiveness that is unique. We are all contributing to this disruption and are having a blast doing it.

We Have High Standards

We all set high standards for ourselves, wanting to be the best we can possibly be. This extends to wanting to be the best for our team and our customers.  We all rise up to the challenge to be our best and live up to these standards. We celebrate our successes, and see opportunity in our mistakes.  Quite simply, we want the best.

The Team

Our marketing team is a global powerhouse of marketing pros that are changing the way our customer think about the value they bring to their organizations. From our HQ in Vancouver to our regional home bases in London and Singapore, we are creating campaigns that have material impact on ACL’s bottom line and position us as the premier GRC provider in the world. We are multi-disciplinary team of web and graphic designers, communications pros, events gurus, demand generation leaders, and sales development experts.

Our marketing programs team is an especially rewarding spot to be because of our comprehensive marketing-enabled sales development methodology. We don’t just create leads, we create selling opportunities. Join us and kiss your days of chasing salespeople to follow up on leads goodbye. Here’s a bit of a primer on our methodology, The B2B CMO’s Secret Sauce: A Sales Development Team.

Now enough about us. Here’s what we’re looking for in our new Marketing Programs Managers, focusing on the Public Sector and Banking industries.

You should be…

A Campaigner

You develop measurable integrated marketing programs that speak to the public sector and/or banking industries, using all the tools at your disposal to get the message across. You know how to hook specific verticals by using well-curated content, choice words, and the right channels to make them go from ‘just curious’ to ‘where do I sign up’? You have a flair for effective messaging and you use it in developing webinars, Google AdWord campaigns, online advertising, email programs, event plans, and call campaigns. You never stop communicating value and are accountable for the outcomes in your target vertical.

A Partner (we’re all one team)

You know that great marketing isn’t done in a vacuum. It’s a collaborative effort between marketing pros, like yourself, and your colleagues in sales development, sales and product. You partner with sales development in developing joint revenue accountability and clear lines of communication. With the product teams, you are at the ready to successfully communicate new products and feature releases to the appropriate buyers.

A Tech Maven

You’re ready to take on the ACL challenge because you’ve been around the block before. You’ve got a few years of B2B marketing experience, and what’s more it’s from a tech environment. You’ve used the tools of the trade – Marketo, Salesforce, Google AdWords – so you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve, plus you are always looking to learn more.

A Data-Driven Decision Maker

When you develop a new campaign, you’re focused on the outcomes. You develop new efforts with a focus on data supported measurement that proves how big the ROI really is. You report campaign metrics that highlight the clear, causal relationship between your programs and closed sales. Your approach to segmentation, targeting and ROI is methodical and based in the reality of the numbers.

Ready to throw your hat in the ring?

If you feel like you just read a biography of yourself, apply now! Or, if most of your story is there, apply too! Use your application to show us why you are passionate about this opportunity and we might just be able to make it work.

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