Digital Creative Lead - Toronto | Roots Canada Ltd. | | 08/02/13
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Digital Creative Lead full-time

Location: Toronto
Company Name: Roots Canada Ltd. ()
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Nature & Scope: Never before have brands had the ability to connect with consumers directly like they do currently do via digital means and never before have consumers had the ability to self select the messages they are subjected to.

At Roots, our challenge is to craft stories and depict the Roots brand in a visually stimulating and attractive manner that differentiates us from our competitors.  Your Job… To break through the clutter and deliver digital brand experiences and content that are industry leading, engaging, relevant and on trend that resonate with their audiences and drive sales.  You will eat fashion trends for breakfast, nourish yourself on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter for lunch and dream on Instagram. While you are a visionary living the life of trendsetting hipster, you are an Algonquin guy or gal at heart wishing for cottage season to return along with the comfort of your favourite sweatpants.

You will be part of an incredible team that is dictating the digital vision of the Roots brand worldwide. You are an energizing person, not only with your work but with your work ethic and style. You have the ability to draw people together to share in ideas so that they feel they own it together. You are not cynical, you are not inflexible, you are not about your portfolio. You are about being part of something as great as you are.

Objective: To create and also guide the development of content that furthers the Roots brand story online to engage and excite viewers while encouraging them to make a purchase either online or in-store.

Collaborates with:

  • Ecommerce & Merchandising - Work with team to ensure content is supporting the maximum sell through of available merchandise;
  • Marketing & PR – working with the team to understand the direction of the marketing message across the company and in various mediums (print, online, radio and PR opportunities). Develop a clear understanding of our in-store customer, how they interact with our brand, our stores and our employees. Coordinate content development schedule and assets with marketing programs to ensure they are both in line and opportunities are not missed;
  • Visual Team – Reflect in store merchandising efforts through online content and marketing; and
  • Leather Factory – Collaborate with the leather factory team to tell the story behind our unique leather products and processes.

Areas of Responsibility:

1. Lead Digital Design Initiatives:

a.     With a relentless focus on customer, drive and create the design and development of innovative user interfaces and digital content and experiences;

b.     Develop interactive designs that reflect current trends in the market place that support commerce;

c.     Push the envelope when it comes to using digital tools to engage the Roots customer in all areas;

d.     Create a comprehensive digital visual style standard that represents the Roots brand but also is adapted for its end digital application;

e.     Interpret larger campaigns into the digital realm and create videos, landing pages, banners, emails and other pieces of creative that drive revenue online and in-store;

f.      Coach the team to work in the most efficient manner possible while producing the best work possible and meeting deadlines;

g.     Work collaboratively with others in the digital department and other creative services, participate in strategizing, and make recommendations for changes to the creative function to meet market changes, competitive threats or to support strategic plans; and

h.     Review all content before it is posted to ensure the highest level of visual standards are met.

2. Content Strategy

a.     Listen, ask, hear, prioritize and translate the needs of the business to meet marketing goals and information into strategic brand concepts, voice, messages and rationales;

b.     Develop an online customer content strategy that focuses on improving key business metrics of time on site, conversion rate, and average order value;

c.     Study the competitive marketplace and overall trends to ensure creative is on trend and industry leading;

d.     Develop and maintain a content calendar that supports overarching business goals and strategic partnerships;

e.     Have the ability to work with senior business minds to help them articulate their messages to our customers, then you can translate them into on brand identity and creative that is break though and compelling.

f.      Regularly demonstrate the ability to look at a product and develop a story to engage the most jaded consumer.

g.     Contribute content to be used in company social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

3. Business Development:

a.     Work with ecommerce and marketing team to increase visits to, facilitate revenue growth and inventory turns.

4. Mentorship:

a.     Act as a liaison with design, merchandising and visual presentation to develop materials that support company wide efforts and goals;

b.     Lead by example by displaying a dedication to excellence and a strong work ethic.  Set expectations and standards (build a culture) for creative team attitude, behaviour, teamwork and professional development;

c.     Use superior leadership and collaboration skills paired with excellent problem solving and decision-making skills to lead the digital creative team to success; and

d.     Ability to judge creative concepts and copy and clearly communicate creative direction to others in a fair and constructive manner.

5. Customer Communications:

a. Lead the optimization and official re-launch of the Roots Rewards and clientele programs to ensure maximum return on investment is achieved;

b. Assist in the further development of social media and earned media strategies to build content and online awareness of the Roots brand;

c.     Drive new and unique existing customer programs to enhance the customer experience across all touch points including internet, email, print, telephone and other service channels; and

d.     Lead co-marketing and partnership marketing programs to execution in stores.

Some of the ways success in this role will be measured are:

  • Increase average visits by customer;
  • Website Conversion;
  • Click Thru Rate from email and display campaigns;
  • Increate in unique visitors over prior year; and
  • Increase in revenue year over year.

Required to perform this role:

  1. Advanced Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office Skills
  2. HTML, Javascripting, Flash, Ajax and DHTML
  3. Photography and videography in addition to editing skills
  4. Understanding of ecommerce platforms (Demandware) and SEO principles
  5. Understanding of analytics programs (Coremetrics)
  6. Strong visual literacy and understanding of typography, illustration, colour theory, wire framing and photo manipulation.
  1. Be passionate about trends, fashion and clothing
  2. Understand online communities and word of mouth marketing

*** Be able to work in a fast paced environment

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