Senior User Interface Designer - Toronto | Strategyzer | | 18/09/15
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Senior User Interface Designer full-time

Location: Toronto
Company Name: Strategyzer ()
Category: Design
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Strategyzer wants you to lead the aesthetics of our brand and take our web apps, blog, marketing, and entire digital presence to the next level. You will work with interaction designers, researchers and developers to transform stakeholder ideas into beautiful tools that customers want and love using. You should have experience building digital products on a variety of platforms, brilliant aesthetic sensibilities, top notch communication skills, and a mindset of continuous learning.

You Have:

Digital product design experience

Designing digital products, not just websites.

Designing experiences consumed on phone, tablet, and desktop.

You are fascinated and some may say obsessed with digital products. You see when they’re awesome, and how they could be better. You’re full of opinions about our industry.

Brilliant Aesthetic sensibilities

As the person leading the aesthetics of the Strategyzer brand, platform, and products, you’ve got to be strong and confident in this area. Your work looks so good, it makes us jealous.

Brilliant communication skills

You’ve got to work with other members of the product team, researchers, developers, founders, and customers to be able to work here. You’ve got to be able to listen to what people are really saying, as well as get them to understand you effectively – in person, on calls, and in writing.

Desire for feedback

Our customers use our products and give feedback, our entire team has opinions and ideas to improve designs, and our founders have years of experience to share. You’ll need to be excited to integrate ideas from all these sources into your work.

A love for iteration

All that feedback allows us to deliver continuously, version over version over version. You’ll be able to iterate multiple times before something goes to development, and you’ll also be able to return to previously completed work to polish and get it right. Every pass makes the work better, and we want you to have as many passes as needed.

Attitude of improvement

Strategyzer is a learning environment. Everybody is working to become the best in their field, and the best version of themselves, little by little, day by day. No matter how long you’ve been at it, you believe you’re still a work in progress. Not only that, we’re apply this same thinking to our processes and collaboration techniques to continuously improve our teamwork, little by little, day by day.

Interest in Best Practices

Product design and development is advancing very quickly. Members of our team believe in keeping up to date with best practices, and selecting particularly interesting ones to implement and experiment with. You shouldn’t blindly follow the trends, you think critically about what might work for us and try new things accordingly.

Epic Ambition

You want to do something big, bigger than what you’re doing now. You may not know what it is, but that desire is burning inside you, and you’re looking to fuel the flame.

You will:

Draw, Write, Listen, Learn, Discuss, Experiment, Synthesize, Polish, Map, Tweak, Analyze, Sketch, Question, Explore, Think, Present, Probe, Iterate, Organize, Collaborate, Delegate, Plan, Improve, Enjoy, Smile, Laugh, and above all, Design.

In contribution to:

Style guides, mockups, prototypes, brand development, a/b tests, marketing pages, workflows, widgets + UI elements, emails, newsletters, blogposts, a course, an app, building an amazing platform that helps our customers achieve their goals.


Years experience

4 years+ of digital product design

Bonus skills


Prototyping tools

CSS / HTML / Javascript prototyping/editing skills

What we’ve done, and where we’re going

Strategyzer was founded by a designer and a lover of design – so there are high expectations for this role. Our initial success came from the tight coupling of design and content to create a differentiated product, and we’ve been pushing hard to raise the bar since then. Our work has touched millions to date, and we’re hoping to have even more of an impact in the years to come.

We published Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design, two visual books that broke the mold for business books and sold over 1.5 Million copies in 30+ languages. We built a top 10 charting iPad app (Business category), a world tour of training workshops, an industry leading conference, a huge online community, multiple conceptual tools used by millions, an online course for the masses, a facilitated online course for big companies, and a web-app that is loaded with potential to be our best product yet.

We focus on helping our customers figure out “what’s next?” in their business strategy, through better tools and training on how to use them. We focus on helping our team do what they love towards that customer goal, and get better at doing what they love. Our ideal future is one in where our customers and team members both do the best work of their career and thoroughly enjoy doing it!

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