Interaction Designer - Toronto, ON | Myplanet Internet Solutions Ltd. | | 23/01/14
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Interaction Designer full-time

Location: Toronto, ON
Company Name: Myplanet Internet Solutions Ltd. ()
Category: Design
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We’re looking for an adept Visual Interface Designer who knows equally the blasphemy of a mis-kerned letter pair and the path to technocultural nirvana in the land of front-end code. If you’ve channeled the harmony of both sides of your brain to produce beautiful, unique interactive work, then we’re looking for you.


Toronto, Vancouver, Ukraine

About the Position

Attention well-dressed designers and/or futurists! Did you doodle logos and take notes on a PDA with a fold-out keyboard in high school?  Do you judge a sportscar by the design of its dashboard, not its top speed? Do you think cyborgs are more awesome than awful? We're looking for you.

Our Visual Interface Designers (VID) act as a permanent member of a scrum team, liasing between his or her team and the creative crew to help facilitate the creation, adaptation, and implementation of design work on a variety of projects. When working with designers, the VID is the voice of development, helping to introduce opportunities and voice technical limitations. When working with the scrum team, the VID is the voice of and responsible for quality implementation of design systems—both interactive and interaction-focused.

  • Producing visual design for interactive: web, mobile, and tablet form factors.
  • Conceptualizing & prototyping interactive systems with flexible, production-ready code; integrating visual identity systems into user experiences with an emphasis on usability and creativity.
  • Understanding and extending interaction design systems across a variety of platforms.
  • Design problem-solving: Adjusting the user experience, accounting for edge cases, and preserving the integrity of a unified visual system as changes happen.
  • Thought leadership including regular contribution to the Myplanet blog, and aiding in the evolution and growth of Myplanet’s practice areas. Critical thinking is a must.
  • Ongoing opportunities for professional development and exploring new platforms for digital design (interested in motion? Augmented reality?) Experiment, pursue independent projects, and challenge yourself to become a thought leader in your field while wearing many proverbial hats.
  • Enjoying a flexible schedule of full-time hours, health/dental benefits and private US coverage.
  • Exploring weekly yoga sessions, standing desks, Awesome Days, Geek Grants, and an open-concept social atmosphere.

About You

  • You’re rationale-driven but inspired: you see your work as an adaptable, elegant solution to a problem (which may change), not a finite art piece. You jump at the opportunity to reconfigure, re-approach, or try completely new ideas. You have method to your madness (and some madness to your method).
  • You consume design theory and art like a kid in a digital candy shop. The sight of a new typeface or charming colour palette inspires experimental fervor. Likewise, you have a voracious appetite for new interactive technologies and an informed opinion on current events in the interactive world. (So Apple won’t support Flash, who cares? Google is getting behind WebM, does it matter?) Finally, interaction logic is second-nature to you. You despise the counter-intuitiveness of a ‘push’ door mounted with a ‘pull’ handle.
  • You’ve got a knack for working with a creative team & developers but you’re equally adept at independent work. Your ability to give and take creative direction from team members is strong and you can communicate your design decisions effectively. Your capacity to sustain continuity and see the big picture for an interactive system is unparalleled.
  • You may be creative, but you sort your socks by Pantone colour code and never miss the bus. You are insanely detail-oriented. As a designer, you consider limitations and opportunities for developers, and vice-versa.


  • A strong portfolio demonstrating clear understanding of interactive design principles, both graphical and technical, with examples of work prepared on a commercial or volunteer basis (we’ll want to see more than your hypothetical band website).
  • Typographic and compositional mastery (you’ve got Müller-Brockmann tattooed on your back).
  • Expert proficiency in design software including Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery (and other libraries) & Javascript.
  • Lightning-fast coding reflexes for iterative prototyping. Your code is as flexible as an American Apparel bandeau dress and clean as a Bauhaus lamp.
  • BA/BFA or advanced degree in Multimedia Graphic Design, Interactive Design, or related field from an accredited program (bonus if your program was interdisciplinary).


  • Experience designing and optimizing for mobile platforms.
  • Experience theming CMS's and platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento.
  • Experience playing happy birthday on Casio Keyboard or equivalent.

About Us

Myplanet is a rapidly growing design & technology company specializing in the process and practice of envisioning, designing and building digital products. Our expertise rests on three key pillars: lean user experience design, agile product development, and open source software. Based in Toronto, our team of over 65 represents a full complement of designers, user researchers, developers, QA specialists, and business analysts.

Unlike digital agencies, we don't do campaigns; instead, we work on products and platforms that have a real impact on our clients’ users and business. Whether we’re building a marketplace for millions of small business customers, or an advanced data visualization tool for internal power users, we seek to create meaning in our work.

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