Senior Web Designer - Calgary | Strut Creative | | 03/10/14
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Senior Web Designer full-time

Location: Calgary
Company Name: Strut Creative ()
Category: Design
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Strut is looking for a senior web/interactive designer help us make amazing stuff:

You're a killer designer and a bit of a creative generalist.

You understand how to tell a story visually.

You know how to structure information.

You know how to make pretty pictures.

You've designed at least one of everything, from an ad to an app, and want to help invent the next big thing.

You can think in 4 dimensions.

In a meeting you can convince someone your idea is right using only a paper clip, a stick of gum, and your big brain.

You can be convinced your idea is wrong, and are happy to spend days or weeks working hard to realize another person's vision.

You have experience designing everything from stunning brochure sites, to coherent content-heavy sites, to sexy user interfaces for hardware OEM software – all mobile-friendly.

You take as much pride in designing a beautiful form or CMS interface, as you do in a flashy home page.

You've never heard of us, but are impressed that we're a team of 25 communications professionals creating brands, campaigns, websites and mobile apps for A-list clients.

Even though you think print is dead, you can still work with print designers and not constantly look at them with a mix of pity and distain.

Although you're designing for pixels, you start on paper.

You don’t think responsive design means restricted design.

You agree that IE8 should be banned, but will happily find a way for your kick-ass design to degrade gracefully for those few dark-agers still using it.

You can crank out a smart digital ad in an afternoon, or you can noodle for days on a complicated set of web page templates.

You curse the authoritarian nature of Creative Cloud, but know 12 ways to build a mask in Photoshop.

Developers praise your awesomeness due mainly to your clearly labelled and organized layers.

You like foosball and barbecues.

You have experience working on a wide variety of clients from large financial institutions, to small not-for-profits, to the many sectors within oil & gas.

You’ve been doing all this for 5+ years.

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