Inbound Marketing Consultant - Remote/Telecommute - Remote / Telecommute | Riverbed Marketing | | 03/10/16
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Inbound Marketing Consultant - Remote/Telecommute full-time

Location: Remote / Telecommute
Salary: 48000
Company Name: Riverbed Marketing ()
Category: Marketing
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Inbound Marketing Consultant

The Inbound Marketing Consultant plays a key role in building and managing inbound marketing campaigns for our clients.

This is a remote / telecommute position, so you can work from any location you choose.

The Goods:

You’re a passionate inbound marketer always striving to build the most efficient path to results. You measure and test everything that you do in your marketing world, always searching for the activities that lend themselves to the best results. Content development, content strategy and inbound marketing automation are “back pocket” for you. People might describe you as “highly adaptable”, a “quick learner”, and a “hybrid”. You might describe yourself as half creative, and half “techgeek”.

As an experienced marketer, you have worked in environments requiring a high level of detail and knowledge. You have an active understanding of all digital marketing including a strong grasp of SEO, Paid Search, Content Strategy, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. You understand that the best campaigns are focused on attracting the ideal prospecting, converting that prospecting, and nurturing them to becoming a great customer.

You are value-driven, and believe in bringing the best of your skills, knowledge and creativity to the client experience, enhancing clients, their brands and employees through your work.

You are natural born problem-solver and thrive on the thrill of the solution.

You’re a passionate communicator, and are even more passionate about where the web is going. Writing, crafting stories, researching data for content and developing and completing great content is also a skill set you possess and utilize where needed in your work with clients to deliver value.

In this role, you'll work within our inbound marketing team, under the mentorship of our Senior Inbound Team Leader.

Here’s the nitty-gritty:

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Analyze client business situations and accurately draw on HubSpot and other marketing automation tools to generate effective inbound marketing strategies.
  • Manage a widerange of marketing activities for clients including inbound marketing stratetgy, content strategy, organic optimization (SEO), paid search, blog implementation, link building, marketing automation and inbound marketing functions.
  • Consistently strive to learn more about digital marketing and specifically inboundmarketing
  • Use a data-driven approach to create digital inbound marketing strategies forclients
  • Use a goal-setting approach to set goals for traffic and lead generation for clients
  • Build and manage relationships with internal and external teams: creative, productionand coordinators
  • Plan, maintain and update client marketing schedules including the content calendar and social media calendar
  • Analyze client website performance, usability, competitiveness, and marketing effectiveness and provide inbound marketing recommendations for clients
  • Serve as the account manager for assigned clients
  • Function as a member in Hubspot updates, meetings and recommendations
  • Continue to study inbound marketing and Hubspot and marketing automation consistently, implementing learned skills and improvements to ourclients
  • Stay on top of HubSpot and marketing automation certification levels, and plan to meet those levels as needed.
  • Blog regularly (2 times per month) to the company blog, time permitting

Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong determination and perseverance
  • An innate passion to learn and open curiosity about the way in which the world works
  • Strengths in client negotiation, persuasive communications and rapport-building
  • A degree in a related field such as Marketing, Business, Communications or comparable experience (3-5 years of experience in a relevant inbound marketing or digital marketing role.
  • Experience working with clients in a digital marketing role
  • GSD Attitude (Get StuffDone)
  • Deep knowledge and interest in SEO, SEM and business analytics
  • Working knowledge of online CMS systems such as Wordpress
  • Strong understanding of search engine friendly web design and ability to make design and technicalr ecommendations
  • Google Analytics and product performance reportingskills
  • Competency in content strategy, content development, SEO, PPC, email marketing, landing page optimization, social media marketing and best practices and marketing automation(nurturing)
  • HubSpot / inbound certified. (Additional marketing automation competency or certification is considered an asset)
  • Extremely well-organized, detail orientated, creative and energetic
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tightdeadlines
  • Strong written, verbal and interpersonal communicationskills
  • Sense ofhumor
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